John Tyrrell

Update: I just found three oral history recordings I did with my Mom at Christmas in 2004. She discusses the Tyrells and Sivyers. They are in an MP3 format.

Track 1, Track 2, and Track 3

Here is some artwork and other stuff that I found in my mother's affairs by John Tyrrell. This is a subset as my small scanner couldn't handle the larger pieces.  I can drop-box the originals if interested at higher res. The PDFs which are linked below may have also lost some resolution in the conversion, but they are better than the jpegs.

Note in the photos there is a watch with the name "Sarah" on it. John Fawcett Tyrrell was married to Nellie Sivyer. So you should know that we have a pretty complete genealogy of the Sivyer clan going all the way back to John Sivyer in 1660 in England. The Tyrrell info only goes back 3 generations from JFT. Go figure. It was in the Sivyer stuff (100s of pages!) I found a potential Sarah. 

Nellies father was Edwin Sivyer. Edwin's father was Joseph Sivyer who had a brother named Rubin born in 1821. Rubin's wife was named Sarah. The only problem with this connection is that they lived in Australia and the watch is American made between 1860 and 1886 at the Dueber Watch company. It turns out they Ruben visited the US around that time to see the "Ford Plants" (not the cars obviously) and possibly picked it up for his wife while he was there. It then went from Rubin to either Joseph or Edwin to wind up in JFTs affairs. Speculation, but the only Sarah I could come up with!

On a side note, back in the 1840s and 1850s the Sivyers and Tyrrells were both crashing around Australia buying sheep stations and starting wineries and the like. The Sivyers were up just north of Sydney while the Tyrrells were in Melbourne, but being a small country one wonders whether Nellie and Johns ancestors met years before they did.

A note on the D Sivyer photos. I think this is Nellies Grandmother Dorothy Sivyer. She is also shown sitting in the group photo, with Nellie standing and either Anna, Helen, or Gertrude as the little girl. 

The caption for the first picture (a local Milwaukee political cartoon evidently) which didn't fit on the scanner reads:

Deacon Presser: Did yo entah yor mule in de Hoss Show?

Budd Swift: Nope. I follerd de Mayor's lead an' drawed him.

PDF Links and notes

Here is a 2 page BIO of JFT presented at the 1983 Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Tyrrell Family Tree

Sivyer Family Tree

Easter wishes sent to Nellie by John

Moon Girl by Edward Tyrrell

TT1 - TinType scan - not sure who this is but I think Annie Woolard Sivyer

FF2 is a Tintype scan of Frances Fawcett, John's mother

Sivyer family? - I am on shaky ground with this photo. The back reads Mrs George L Thomas, 457 Milwaukee St, Milwaukee. She took the picture of Dorothy Sivyer above. She worked for Columbia portrait company which was in business from 1893 to 1932. The back also reads (unhelpfully) "Mother, Brother, Daughter Grand, Daughter Great Grand". My total stab in the dark at present is that Mother is Dorothy Sivyer (shown in another photo) which would make daughter grand (standing) Nellie and the great grand daughter as either Helen, Anna, or Gertrude.

The painting by Edward has lots of reflections. I didn't want to try and disassemble it as it looks like there is some prior damage.


Last Delegate




Mil Flag



And a second Portrait

Large Format Pictures

These are around 6MB each but you can zoom way in on the PDFs to check out some of the detail. Check out the bottom middle of the History of Wisconsin and you will see his logo. There is a copy of they picture in the Milwaukee historical society. The lettering and design ofn the certificates will blow your mind!

The History of Wisconsin (photo 1)

The History of Wisconsin (photo 2)

Knights Templar appreciation certificate for Charles Rogers

Martyr to The Caws political cartoon

Milwaukee Mechanics Insurance memorial certificate for Adolph Cramer

A sketch of some soldiers assembling (unsigned)

The Mirage - a political cartoon

Elarra is Australian Aboriginal for "Valley of the Moon"                                                                                                       send comments to