Here are many of the flowers found at Elarra. At the risk of driving the California Native Plant Society (CNPS) members nuts, I have sorted these by common name (ok, just because it was easier). I have about 20 additions that will  show up at some point. Comments on identification (or mis-identification) are welcome.

Bay Laurel
Blue Eyed Grass
Blue Headed Gilia
Broom Rape
Bush Poppy
California Aurelia
California Blackberry
California Goldenrod
California Helianthella
Calistoga Navarettia
Canyon Delphinium
Canyon Delphinium
Chaparral Pea
Coast Paintbrush
Common Manzanita
Common Yarrow
Condons Monkeyflower
Condons Monkeyflower 2
Dannie's Skullcap
Davey's Centaury
Death Camus
Elegant Brodiaea
False Lupine
Felt Paintbrush
Fernald's Iris
Foothill Penstemon
Fork Toothed Ookow
Gold Wire
Golden Fleece
Golden Yarrow
Green Monardella
Hedge Nettle
Hoary Manzanita
Hooker's Fairybell
Hounds Tongue
Indian Warrior
Little Leaf Montia
min lupine
Miners Lettuce
Morning Glory
Narrow Anthered Brodiaea
Pacific Pea
Pacific Sanicle
Patterson's Curse
Pine Violet
Purple Nightshade
Redstem Fillaree
Redwood Lily
Rough Leaf Aster
Scarlet Fritillary
Scarlet Monkey Flower
Scarlet Pimpernel
Sedge sp.
Seep Spring Monkey Flower
Senicio vulgaris
Shooting Star
Sonoma Ceanothus
Sonoma Sage
Spice Bush
Stanford Manzanita
Sticky Monkey Flower
Tobacco sp
Transverse Orchid
Water Speedwell
Wavy Leaf Soap Plant
Wavyleaf Ceanothus
Western Azalea
Wine Cup Clarkia
Woodland Madia
Woodland Star
Wooly Sunflower
Yellow Fairy Lantern
Yerba de Selva (Modesty)
Yerba Santa

Elarra is Australian Aboriginal for "Valley of the Moon"                                                                                                       send comments to webmaster@elarra.com